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Bell Bottom Full Movie – Where To Watch

During the 1980s, many countries were faced with airplane hijackings. On September 24th, 1984, India witnessed one of the most severe hijackings to date. BellBottom, a RAW agent, identifies the threat and everything changed right then –India was a country in crisis. However, this wasn’t meant to be a failure; it was meant to make history…

Where Can I Watch Bell Bottom Full Movie?

Bell Bottom full movie is only available to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Where To Watch Bell Bottom Full Movie For FREE?

Bell Bottom Full movie is only available to watch online on Prime Video. There is no more official streaming service, that willing to provide this movie for free. Although there are few sites like “4hiidude” that can offer movies like this for free, they are operating illegally, so unless you want to deal with a legal penalty, you better not visit them.

Bell Bottom Review – Is Bellbottom Movie Worth Watching?

Bell Bottom movie is one of the best spy films of Bollywood, I ever watched. I can’t say this film was full of action, but the main aspect of the film was, how the intelligence department of India (RAW) handles the hijacking situation.

And what makes this movie more appealing is, it’s based on real-life incidents. Of course, it’s a movie so it’s cannot totally relate to the true events. but the acting of the cast and every scene looks real, not like some Bollywood films where we see the MC has superhuman levels of powers.

Well, I don’t want to spoil the movie, I can’t fully discuss the scenes, but there are lots of surprising moments, that no one could predict. Also, we get to see why the Raw Agent “Bell Bottom” is so dedicated to this cause, and why it’s a kind of his personal vendetta.

Overall, this movie is definitely worth watching if you like war or spy movies. and I like to give this movie a 7/10 rating.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Genre: Reviews

Duration: 123 min

IMDb: 6.2


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