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Free Guy (2021) Movie Hindi Dubbed (Dual Audio) HD

Free Guy Full Movie In Hindi in HD Quality

A bank teller who discovers he’s actually a background player in an open-world video game decides that he’ll become the hero of his own story — and write it himself. There are no limits in this world: he wants to save the day his way before it is too late — and maybe find romance with the coder who created him.

Where & How Can I Watch Free Guy Movie?

You Can Now Watch Free Guy Movie Officially On Hotstar Or Disney Plus, And you can rent It on Apple TV And Google Play. Rent: $5.98 | Buy: Apple-$24.98 Google: $27.98

Indian Users Can Rent at ₹180 and Buy it on ₹800 From Google Play

Free Guy Movie Review:

Free Guy often revisits moments that we’ve seen in earlier movies, but it may not really be such a big deal. After all, summer movie seasons can get kinda boring and uninspired sometimes. So if a movie offers us nothing new or interesting to sink our teeth into, then maybe we can give it a break or two! The movie does have its own charm too and this is for totally different reasons. It’s been filmed downtown in the Seaport area (in places like Liberty Square)!”

It’s not really accurate to say “Free Guy” takes place in Boston as it doesn’t take place in Boston at all. Rather, the movie actually takes place within a virtual reality MMO game known as Free City. Reynolds plays the character of Guy, who is a bank teller working for his father’s bank. His blue shirt represents loyalty, just like the Free citizens represent their colors with pride and respect other gamers no matter where they come from in the world. He everyday orders the same thing from his favorite café and he tells them “Don’t have a good day – have a great day!

Free City is his paradise — or so he thinks. But Guy has no idea what’s going on in Free City! It’s way worse than you might assume. Its population of millions struggle with issues such as terrorism and piracy, while they watch players (their avatars) playing the game on a screen. The latter are distinguished by their sunglasses. Think here of how Truman’s house was in fact built as part of a big stage set where he lived an illusion; this is similar to Guy’s situation.

There’s CGI everywhere, of course; but, in fairness to the filmmakers, it’s probably because they want us to forget that this is a movie about characters and events. Really, it’s not Reynolds or Comer or Keery who are the stars. It’s all the action that gets displayed onscreen. Every person onscreen is supposed to be part of informing how we interpret it, even if they lack agency.

Duration: 115 min

IMDb: 7.2


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