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Kate Short Review:

On Netflix, Kate shows up as a Violent, Exciting film. While I must respectfully disagree with that characterization of this title, if you happen to be someone who enjoys watching someone else play an uninvolving video game for almost two hours, this film may be right up your alley. Consider yourself warned.

There’s a cynical air to “Kate,” but it relies on you effortlessly stumbling across it while scrolling down the screen in search of something better. This cynical ploy can provide much satisfaction as you sit and zone out through a mediocre action flick that’s made familiar by its paint-by-number script. Studio films aren’t immune either. However, I believe Netflix also carries several films that are better than “Kate,” so you may want to give them a try instead!

Where & How Can I Watch Kate Movie?

You Can Watch This movie on Netflix in Hindi & English

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Genre: Reviews

Duration: 106 min

IMDb: 6.2


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