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The movie starts with a young lawyer, passionate about injustice and social equality, is hired by a group of tribal people protesting for the return of stolen gold jewelry. A member of the tribe is arrested for allegedly leading the robbery, but he goes missing from police custody.

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Jai Bhim Movie Review

The opening of Jai Bhim sees a group of prisoners making their way through the gates of the prison with one officer calling out to them in Tamil, saying: “ Enna Aalu Ya?” – which can be translated as “what caste are you?”. As this moment forms the opening credits to the film, we are introduced to Jai Bhim right away and right off the bat. The scene drenches us in imagery and tones that will color what is to come, leaving no stone unturned as it sets up its premise.

The film takes some time to humanize the characters. Instead of writing them off as poor villagers, Rojava and Sengani, who are shown as quick-witted and hard-working, Gnanavel has us see that there’s more than one language that we can all speak with one another, be it when it comes to being professional or creative.

Within thirty minutes of the film, Sengani narrates Harith’s story, which immediately changes the tone of the film. Up to this point, it resembles a drama/documentary that keeps building as more and more real-life footage of Harith and his family is revealed. From this point on, The Accused is more of an investigative thriller that unearths startling information and entices us with every scene like the first time we met the main cast. The writing in these sections is exceptional: It’s hard not to take sides when you’re constantly catching yourself changing teams. Every witness seems legitimate…until they’re not.

Jai Bhim is the story of Chandru (Suriya), a young man who wants to prove himself in politics. He takes on many tasks with different people who then tell him their problems, which he solves under his strategy as an upcoming politician. I felt hopeful watching this movie because we also see what Chandru goes through as he keeps helping others but doesn’t get the appreciation it rightfully deserves until later on. I was also happy about how Suriya’s character wasn’t too over-the-top and kept to his humble ways even after he gets very famous. Finally, I just HAD to mention how I love Sengani’s point of view on ayurveda!


Duration: 164 min

IMDb: 8.9


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