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Where Can I Watch Money Heist Season 5 All Episodes?

You can now start watching money heist series in your preferred dubbed language from NETFLIX, Click the button below to start watching


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 Is Money Heist Worth Watching?

Although I am a big fan of Sci-Fi and fantasy movies and series, This one definitely one of my favorite series. I watched this series with 0 expectations, just to see why people are so hyped about it. But it could not stop watching.  I watched this series season 1 -5 within 2 weeks.

And I can definitely say every season is amazing. at the time, flashback scenes kind of annoyed me, but that’s because I can’t wait to see what was going on in the present.  Money heist is best for its mystery and unexpected moments. So for those who didn’t watch it yet and wondering if it’s worth watching. Trust me I didn’t a series about heists could be this good.



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